COVID Measures

New information as of February 19, 2022
Elderberry Choir Rehearsals are scheduled to begin again at Trinity United Church, Gravenhurst, on March 15th, 2022 from 2:30 - 3:30 (a new time). If you are interested in singing with the Elderberries, check out the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) tab or speak to someone in the choir.
Arrive after 2 PM to chat and pick up music, drop off winter music, and pay the Spring Semester dues of $40.

New information: August 28, 2021
Our first choir practice will be on Sept. 7th at Gull Lake Park Rotary Pavilion from 3:30 – 4:30.

At this time, due to space limitations, we cannot accept any new members.

You must wear a mask when entering and leaving the
pavilion. Sanitize your hands on entry. Sanitizer will be available.

Please enter from the north side of the pavilion only and be sure to sign in, as this is required for Covid tracking.

Please remember to stay 6 feet apart.

While seated you may take off your mask to sing if you wish.

Please come a little bit early to pick up your music, and bring a lawn chair, as seating is limited.

New Information: November 5, 2020
All rehearsals, both live and virtual, will be postponed until at least January due to the current increased problems of Covid 19. We will assess the situation after Christmas. Perhaps we may be able to work toward a concert in June.

New Information: September 28, 2020

Because of the Ontario Government's new Covid restrictions and the increased risk of infection here in Muskoka we have decided to cancel person to person rehearsals for the time being. Louise has generously agreed to provide virtual rehearsals till the end of October. We will then see what the situation is regarding Covid and reassess how we will proceed in November.
While we still don't know the status of choirs with regard to these restrictions, we feel in light of what's happening here in Muskoka that we should follow the restrictions for social gatherings.

Sept 7, 2020
Covid Plan for Use of Gravenhurst Wharf by Elderberries Choir

General Precautions

We will be implementing all of the health and safety procedures required by the
Ontario government:

1. Rehearsal time is reduced to one hour: 3:30 to 4:30 p.m.

2. Attendance will be taken, including complete addresses and phone numbers
of all participants present at each rehearsal, to allow for contact tracing.

3. Our gathering numbers will be well under 50 people as some of our
members are choosing to participate through the virtual rehearsals posted online.

4. All participants will be expected to wear masks.

5. Posters will remind everyone of the health and safety precautions we are
implementing, such as hand sanitizing, staying two metres apart, etc.

6. We will disinfect all surfaces which may have been touched at the
conclusion of each rehearsal.

Ensuring social distancing during rehearsals:

1. Choir members will enter from the west side (water side) and hand sanitize
on the way in.

2. The piano will be set up on the east side where the outlets are.

3. People will sit two to a bench, one on each side at opposite ends. Benches
will be marked ahead of time to indicate where it is appropriate to sit. There
will also be a lot of space at the back of the rehearsal area for those who
would prefer even greater distance between themselves and others.

4. At the conclusion of the rehearsal, people will leave by the south exit.

For those who want to be in the choir but are not ready to join the real-life practice,
rehearsals will be videotaped and then uploaded to a private YouTube account. An email with the link will be sent out a day or two after each practice.